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DocuWare Cloud version 7.4 - Release - What’s New

Product news

This latest version marks a major milestone for collaborating in DocuWare Cloud: the ability to collaborate LIVE on archived Office documents! From a DocuWare file cabinet, staff can now open Word, Excel or PowerPoint files in Microsoft Office for the Web and then work on them together.

Workflow Manager brings a new feature as well and should be of special interest to you as an Authorized DocuWare Partner. It is the ability to export and import of workflows. This feature gives you the option of preparing a workflow in a test system and then importing it into the production system at a customer's site. The automatic checking of workflows has also been further optimized to prevent errors from the outset.

Another key innovation allows organizations to merge a complete DocuWare system into another through a simple export/import process. This means you have the option of creating, for example, a preconfigured solution and import it to your customers as an out-of-the-box solution. This feature will open new opportunities to you.

There are many innovations regarding authentication as well. Whether with DocuWare Cloud, an on-premises, or mobile app, the motto 'Simply Secure' applies everywhere.

To learn more about all the new features and typical application areas and their benefits, read What’s New in DocuWare version 7.4. This document along with all our typical release documentation (feature listing and technical release notes) can be found in PartnerInfo 301.

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