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DocuWare Academy News: Recertification 2023 / Customer Administration Training

DocuWare Academy

Over the past few weeks, we have sent out several reminders to those who still need to complete their 2022 recertification training (to earn their 2023 certification). We had extended the deadline from Dec 31 to Feb 28. This means that on March 1, this opportunity will finally be closed.

Those who have not recertified by Feb 28, will have to go through the respective Base Training program again in its entirety for a certification. Admission to 2023 recertification training will not possible until that has been completed.

For those that have multiple certifications, and have only renewed one, you would have also received notice to renew your other certifications.

If you still have to do a recertification, take this opportunity, in the DocuWare Academy Learning Management System (LMS) (, to view the recordings of the training sessions at DocuWorld 2022, for the first time or as a refresher. It is not necessary to follow a certain sequence of recordings.

In any case, you must take the respective exam. Otherwise, your certification cannot be renewed.

Remember: each career/certification (DAC, DSC, DSA, DCC) has its own training and exam. If you wish to renew more than one valid certification, you will need to work through multiple recertification packages and complete each with their respective exam.

Please keep in mind that if your certification has expired, you will not have access to the recertification.

For a more detailed description of the Partner qualification rules, please refer to the FAQ in the LMS and the brochure provided there by our marketing department.

Registration process for customer administrator training
We have a new process if you want to register your customers for one of our administrator courses.
This is also described in the LMS in a new tab of the top navigation.
Prices and cancellation fees can still be found in the price list (the price for a 3-day course applies). Individual days cannot be booked. We encourage you to promote this to your customers.

Due to the very low demand so far, we had to cancel planned course dates time and again, much to the disadvantage of the few registered participants. Therefore, we have decided to no longer publish course dates in advance and to change the registration process as follows:

  • Please submit your customers' requests in this form with all data required for registration.
    A separate form is required per participant.
  • You will receive a confirmation of receipt with information on how to proceed. 
  • We will collect the requests in a request list.
  • As soon as we have reached the minimum number of 8 requests, we will set a course date and inform the participants directly.
  • They will then have the option to accept or decline the date.
  • If we reach at least 5 acceptances, the course will be held.
  • In case of rejection, we will keep the participants on the request list to be able to offer them one of the next course dates.
  • In case of acceptance, we will send necessary access data and course information to the participants.
  • If further information for a final booking is required, e.g. an official order (PO), we will contact you again.

General information about administrator training for customers will continue to be posted on the external Academy page:

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