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DocuWare Academy:  LMS login, recertification and dates (EMEA)

Change in the login for the LMS

Due to an update on the part of the LMS provider, there are changes in the URL and for the login.

It’s best to delete your browser cache and cookies and create a new favorite that only contains the URL shown in the screenshot (the link must not be longer). For login please use the button for Partners (see screenshot).


Recertification for 2022

Please do not forget to extend your certifications. You have until 31.12.2021 to do so.
To do so, simply log in to the LMS ( and go to the "Learning Status" tab.

There, you’ll see all your recertifications that are up for renewal.

At the end of each training series, you still have to pass an exam. After that, your certification will automatically be renewed until 31.12.2022.

Please note that you will not be able to access to recertification if you

  • do not have a valid certification for it yet or
  • it had already expired in the past

Dates and extended course program 2022 for Partners

Please note that all courses will continue to be held online. We are monitoring the Corona situation closely and will switch back to face-to-face training as soon as possible.
The 2022 dates will be available for you in the LMS from January. In the new year, you will find other new courses in addition to the previously known DAC and DSC Basic Trainings.

Have a quick look at the course descriptions. We are looking forward to your registration for our new topics.

Insights into Trainings

It may not be your day-to-day job, but you still want to get an insight into the role of your certified colleagues? Then attend one of our following one-day courses! This way, you don't have to sacrifice three full days for a complete basic training.

These trainings are voluntary, free of charge, and do not count toward certification or recertification.

  • Insights into DAC for DSCs – Requirements: None

    After the course, as a certified DSC, you’ll understand the sales process and the argumentation chain for a DocuWare project and know what a prospect or customer usually already knows about our software after a presentation by your DAC colleague.

  • Insights into DSC for DACs – Requirements: Valid DAC or DCC certification

    In this training you’ll learn how to customize a presentation yourself as a certified DAC / DCC in your VM. Make changes to existing configurations yourself for a familiar software presentation in your existing VM.

Workflow Advanced eLearnings and in-depth course days

We have revised the concept and will be offering a series of eLearnings with integrated exercises from January 2022, which you can work through independently and at your own time.
After that, you will have the option to register for different course days. You have the choice of whether you

  • would like to attend them or not
  • want to participate in all of them or only in some of them
  • on which date you would like to participate

The offer is free of charge and does not count towards certification or recertification.

Required for participation: Valid DSC certification.

  • WF Advanced Q&A 1 - Arithmetic Expressions

    In this course, you will have the opportunity to discuss questions that have come up during your self-study of the eLearnings and exercises.

  • WF Advanced Q&A 2 – Advanced Workflow How-To

    Another great chance to discuss any questions that have arisen during your self-study of the eLearnings and exercises.

  • WF Advanced Exercise

    In this course, participants will be divided into small teams and will be able to work together to configure a complex WF scenario and apply their advanced WF knowledge. At the end, there will be a presentation of all teams' solutions to discuss questions and learn from each other.

There are still seats available: 

  • Workflow Advanced French on 07.-08.12.2021

As mentioned in the October PartnerInfo, we are offering our first Workflow Advanced course in French on 07.-08.12.2021.

The training will take place online, is free of charge for you and voluntary, i.e. it does not count towards certification or recertification.

The date is already published in the LMS ( under DSC- Career and you can register.

Requirements for admission to participation are:

  • A valid DSC certification
  • First practical experience in configuring workflows with DocuWare Workflow Manager and
  • Knowledge and experience of arithmetic expressions


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