Get Your Email Handling in Shape with Agile Email Management Software



Don’t let important communication slip away and stop wasting time sifting through email clutter.

Are you inundated with email and having a hard time organizing and following up in an efficient, compliant way?

Can your customer service team access all needed email history and attachments while another team member is on vacation?

It's time to equip yourself and team with a cloud document management solution.

Discover how DocuWare's solution directly integrates with your Outlook interface, including other IMAP and Microsoft Exchange email servers, so that you can still work directly within your familiar environment.

Now you can:
  • Store and index email in DocuWare directly from Outlook in an audit-compliant manner
  • Access all email received from one company or contact with a click of the mouse
  • Equip customer service with customers’ relevant email and documents using a centralized information pool
  • Kick off digital workflows to automate key business processes with various attachments and document types

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