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Workflow: updating metadata across documents

Keep related documents current by updating their metadata all within a workflow simultaneously. These documents can even be located in different file cabinets.


Within a workflow, you can update the metadata of one current document - and also of multiple related documents at the same time. Metadata can even be changed if a related document is stored in a different DocuWare file cabinet.

This is useful for many processes. Some examples...

  • Keep related documents up-to-date: Have an invoice status switched as soon as a delivery document has been filed. Or set things up so that a delivery slip number is automatically added to an invoice‘s index data.
  • Launch another workflow in a different file cabinet by changing the index data in one workflow. If a purchase requisition has been processed, a workflow is then triggered for the purchase order.
  • Update data in an auxiliary file cabinet. In HR, for example, update an employee's remaining vacation leave days after a request has been approved.

Here’s how

In Workflow Designer, you open your workflow and a task. Under Decisions, you choose the type File Cabinet for a data assignment.

DocuWare Configuring a Workflow

To choose the document - for which the metadata is to be updated – configure a WHERE clause. This works in the same way as when data is to be retrieved from a certain file cabinet as a data source. You can update one document and one field per data assignment.

DocuWare Configuring a Workflow


This feature is available as of DocuWare Version 7.2.

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