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Where Are My Documents? Instant Import Status

When you import documents, they are rapidly added to your file cabinet. It’s virtually unnoticeable. But let’s say an import job can’t be carried out, then you might be wondering: where are my documents now? Just take a peek at the history, which will show you the exact status of every import job.

Clicking on the button far right on the side will open the history of all jobs launched with DocuWare Desktop Apps. You’ll see the date, start time, name, source application, for example if it’s an import or scan, and the status of every job.


In history, time, source and status data can each be filtered via drop-down menus in the column headers.


For more detail, simply click on a particular line. A detailed view will be opened, which may also show you how many documents your document was split into. With another click, you can see the entries made for each part of the split documents (here: “2 documents“) which then lets you see the status of all of these newly created documents.


To get an updated view, click Refresh if a job hasn’t yet appeared in the history. If a job cannot be completed successfully, it will show a warning status. A maximum of 1,000 jobs from the last seven days are displayed. If you want to delete information for all jobs, just click on Delete history.

Manually Launching Failed Jobs

Failed import jobs are automatically repeated by DocuWare Desktop Apps; for example, if DocuWare Server was not accessible.

If a document cannot be read over an extended period of time, you can try to start the job manually by clicking Repeat. This will ensure that all documents are correctly stored. The button Retry faild jobs lets you do this for all failed documents.

Manually Exporting Files

It’s very rare that a document cannot be imported into DocuWare because of an error. In such an instance, you can export the file in order to import it in a different manner into your DocuWare system – which is basically an alternative to manually repeating an import job. With split documents, you can also export the documents which were created after the split. These documents are exported as compressed ZIP files which contain additional information for error analysis. The Export button is only made available if an error is present.

What’s Different with DocuWare Version 6.9

Starting with DocuWare Version 6.9, you will only be able access files which failed to be imported via the history. If documents already could not be imported before updating to version 6.9, you can find them in the following locations:
• Generally, they are found in the "Failed" folder.
• Files which were imported via Desktop Service (usually from local folders) - the "Failed" folder is found in the Import folder.
• Files which are imported via DocuWare Desktop Apps (usually from network folders) - the "Failed" folder is found under
<LocalAppData des Desktop-Benutzers\DocuWare\Desktop\Hotfolder\<GUID of import job>, for example: <C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Local\DocuWare\Desktop\Hotfolder>.