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Tip: Scanning, Stapling, Sorting – In Seconds


When you scan documents, you really just want to do it as quickly possible and then get on with the business of storing or further processing them. It’s best to first check your scans by viewing them in a new large preview area. This lets you catch any scanning errors even faster than ever before.

All the features offered with our previous version‘s “small“ document preview are still available – like rotating or deleting pages. But with the button Split here, you can quickly divvy up your document or stack of scanned pages.

Let’s say you want to make sure that a pile of invoices was correctly scanned. It’s easy to check everything in the preview and then quickly re-scan the documents that need adjusting.


The preview can either be opened by double-clicking on a page or by choosing the preview from a context menu that opens with a right mouse click on the document. This same context menu also allows you to split up documents as well as rotate or delete them.

The big scan preview is available starting with DocuWare Version 6.9.