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Setting Fixed Waiting Times for Workflows

Your employees want to be able to set up reminders for pending tasks. Or you need to delay workflows for other reasons. The Workflow Designer provides a separate activity to help you with this.

You can use the Time delay activity to set a fixed wait time for a workflow step. This gives you more flexibility to make adjustments while running workflows. Here are some examples:

  • Pending box: Insert a field with which your employees can set reminders for workflow tasks.
  • Timed repeat: If you execute a web service for a check, you can trigger its repetition on the next day, for example, if the result is negative.
  • Technical needs: Delay a workflow, for example, to wait for a response from an external system.

You can find the Time delay activity in Workflow Designer, in the activity bar on the left side.

You can use an activity to set a fixed wait time for a workflow step.

You can either specify the required number of days, hours, or minutes in the dialog box or use a variable of the Date/Time type. The maximum wait time is 365 days.

The "Time Delay" activity is available as of DocuWare Version 7.2.

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