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Reinvent Your Work Environment

Modern Mobil

Our workplace can be anywhere today – at an airport, in a café, in your own living room. Mobile workflows and services provided through the cloud enable new forms of collaboration and help businesses and employees alike.

Working at a desk flanked by a batch of file cabinets and the expectation of sitting there from nine to five: this traditional work approach just doesn’t seem that common anymore. Our work world is changing. Rigid structures are softening, opening up for productive cooperation and maximum flexibility.

Information Away from the Office

Begin a process at the office and finish it outside the office – or vice versa. With DocuWare, making sure that processes move with you feels as easy as taking a coffee to go. Salespeople gain access to customer records and up-to-date status information through their mobile devices. A post-sales customer service team can scan order data via mobile device and record it in a web form, which then makes sure it is automatically forwarded for further processing.

Thanks to mobile workflows and apps for iOS and Android, everyone in your team can work with synchronized information immediately, without any gaps or wait time. This makes business processes agile, increases service quality and creates trust among customers and prospects.

Home Office and Flextime

But many colleagues who do not necessarily rely on mobile workflows still want the flexible options they offer to work more productively, regardless of the type of office space, working hours and computers on hand.

Flextime and more independence are high on most people’s list of priorities when rating a job, not only for working parents. Especially younger employees would rather feel like they are part of a place with a start-up spirit than one with the traditional structures of a classic eight-hour day. Offering teleworking and the home office to find a better work-life balance and spending less time commuting – these are all increasingly popular points for attracting younger talent.

Thanks to digitization and mobile document management, good teamwork today no longer needs to be held between nine and five in the office. DocuWare provides the reliable basis for seamless information flow and secure data, no matter where and when your employees want to do their jobs.

Maximum Flexibility - Even at the Office

Because mobile workers often spend time in a home office, on business trips or in meetings, empty desks abound. Thanks to digitization and services from the cloud, this all offers a great opportunity to make your office environment more open and dynamic. Some examples: freely moveable ergonomic seating, special areas for project-related use or different teams, quiet rooms for focused work and even fun spots for regeneration or sport/game activities.

No matter where you set your priorities for today or tomorrow, with DocuWare you can serve your changing needs, meet the growing need for dynamic and mobile teams: anytime, anywhere, and on any device.