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Ready to Serve: Tips & Tricks, Help & Support

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Ready to Serve: Tips & Tricks, Help & SupportHave a question about DocuWare? You‘ll find answers and suggestions in our knowledge portals in a timely and reliable manner. The info offer is aimed at beginners as well as long-time users. You can also receive tips and news via blog and newsletter. And, of course, we are always ready to help you personally.

DocuWare offers you various infoportals, which can be customized to suit your needs and situation. All our websites have practical search fields that help you quickly find the right information. They also contain lots of information about the practical features of DocuWare.

Get Started

For beginners, this tutorial provides a brief overview of the functionality of DocuWare. You might already be familiar with it from the web client.

Learn More

Want to learn more about typical DocuWare applications or how to solve your tasks with document management? Short videos from our comprehensive video library show you how to use the different DocuWare features.

Deepen Your Knowledge

With interactive online training, webinars and DocuWare Academy training, you‘ll quickly become a DocuWare expert. To always stay up-to-date: DocuWare‘s Product Blog and UserInfo Newsletter.

Get Help

Do you have a "how to" question? Send it to the DocuWare community or ask for a call back from the support portal by one of our experts – simply register for this service on the DocuWare website. A comprehensive Knowledge Center and FAQ portal also provide answers to technical questions.

Share Ideas

You have an idea about improving DocuWare? Let us know what you are looking for in the Customer Feedback Forum. To display this entry point in the menu, you must log onto DocuWare‘s website. The company‘s product management team regularly processes all new entries. Maybe your idea will become a feature in an upcoming DocuWare version!

Something Missing?

Need more information about your DocuWare application that you can‘t find on the web pages we mentioned? Then please write a brief comment to this blog article. We’ll get back to you as quickly as possible!