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New: DocuWare Outlook Add-in

Here’s a new way to easily connect Microsoft Outlook web versions to DocuWare Cloud. Since all browsers are supported, Mac users can now also store their emails securely in a DocuWare tray or file cabinet. 



New Outlook Integration

The new DocuWare Outlook Add-in offers a seamless connection of DocuWare Cloud with Microsoft Outlook, both with the web and desktop version. Users can store their email in a DocuWare tray or directly in a file cabinet, choosing which attachments to transfer to DocuWare.

The add-in complements DocuWare's integration capabilities with Outlook clients. Unlike the DocuWare Connect to Outlook desktop app, the add-in is suitable for Microsoft's web and online versions in all browsers, including Mac operating systems.

Store file cabinetTo save an email directly into a DocuWare file cabinet, you just choose a store dialog and pick which attachments should be archived along with the email.

IndexingIndexing an email for archiving in DocuWare also takes place in the Outlook environment.


Applications + Benefits

Use the new app for the following scenarios:

  • Use emails stored in DocuWare to launch workflows and make the information available to your team.
  • Store email messages and attachments in DocuWare trays and file cabinets.
  • Select which attachments need to be archived.

The advantages of the new app compared to the "Connect to Outlook" desktop app:

  • Easy integration of Microsoft Outlook online versions with DocuWare for email archiving
  • Outlook integration without the need for a desktop app
  • Mac users can now seamlessly archive their Outlook email in DocuWare


Connect to Outlook vs. Outlook Add-In

Compare the features of the two modules and decide which one best suits your needs.

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Getting started with Outlook Add-In

The DocuWare for Microsoft Outlook Add-in is available to DocuWare Cloud customers at no additional cost. The add-in can be added to Outlook accounts for free via the Microsoft Store within the Add-ins section of Outlook, for both web and desktop versions of Microsoft Outlook.

Head to the Knowledge Center for more information about setting up and using the app.