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New SAP-Interface – for DocuWare Cloud Too

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Whether you use DocuWare as a cloud or on-premises system, the new version of Connect to SAP links DocuWare directly to your SAP system. All documents that accompany a business process can be retrieved at any time at the press of a button, both from SAP and from DocuWare.

Connect to SAP was completely retooled in conjunction with DocuWare Version 6.12. Connecting to an SAP system is now possible both from a DocuWare on-premises installation as well as from a DocuWare Cloud system.

From DocuWare’s side, there‘s nothing that will stand in your way if you want to move your IT step by step into the cloud.

The connector links SAP to DocuWare via ArchiveLink interface and is certified by SAP for integration with SAP NetWeaver.

New Features of Connect to SAP at a Glance

•    Support of all ArchiveLink scenarios
•    Storage and display of outgoing documents, print lists, and REORG data
•    Storage of originals from document info records
•    Support of all common bar code scenarios

In addition, Connect to SAP Version 2 can be easily supplemented with additional modules. So with little effort, it’s possible to realize complex processes such as cross-system workflows.

Document Indexing: For easy indexing of all documents linked to SAP, in real time or periodically via background jobs

Document Link: For linking documents without barcode with SAP documents and for starting workflows in SAP

Document Viewer: For displaying archived documents from SAP directly in DocuWare Web Client

Integrity Control: For completeness check and audit proof

For more on usage scenarios and functionality, see Connect to SAP ProductInfo


 What Else You Should Know...

- With DocuWare Version 6.12, you can use both the older and new version of Connect to SAP. With the older version, however, no further file cabinets (neither existing nor new) can be provided for the connection to SAP.

- Please note that the upcoming version that will follow DocuWare Version 6.12 will only support the new Connect to SAP.

- Connect to SAP Version 2 is a paid module for both DocuWare Cloud and on-premises. Installation and configuration must always be handled by DocuWare Professional Services.