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Intelligent Indexing: DocuWare goes AI

With the help of Intelligent Indexing, DocuWare can quickly and reliably extract all information needed for document storage and processing of structured data. Thanks to artificial intelligence, this will soon be possible for unstructured data as well.
When it comes to automatically reading information from structured documents such as invoices, DocuWare's Intelligent Indexing module has been delivering outstanding results for years. This has meant significant simplification, time savings and error prevention, particularly for processes like managing incoming invoices. 
However, with unstructured documents such as email, contracts, etc., this approach reaches its limit. This is because the format of these documents is inconsistent, so information to be read is usually placed in different locations. To achieve a decisive breakthrough here, DocuWare started going more deeply into new technologies like artificial intelligence in its product development. Unlike algorithms, neural networks recognize and create rules and patterns on their own, which are necessary for the reliable reading of data. But how exactly does one profitably put this theoretical knowledge into practice? What needs to be taken into account - especially with regard to data protection?

Support for AI use thanks to Bavarian pilot project 

Valuable support for product development in this case came through a pilot project launched by the Bavarian State Ministry for Digital Affairs. With "AI-Transfer Plus," the Ministry launched a unique nationwide project in 2021 to support mid-sized companies in the use of artificial intelligence to help these companies secure their competitive edge for the long term. As one of six selected companies, DocuWare was able to take advantage of the wide-ranging know-how of AI experts to drive the further development of Intelligent Indexing. 

Intelligent Indexing prototype nears finalization - rollout planned for 2022

Over the course of the nine-month project, the six-person project team led by Marc Hegemann and Andreas Hofmeier was able to gain valuable practical experience with artificial intelligence and neural networks, incorporating this knowledge into product development. The prototype developed in this context is currently being finalized and is expected to be launched as a finished product in the course of the year. Other measures to implement DocuWare's AI vision in the medium to long term are also in the works.
DW goes AI
More information about AI-Transfer Plus (in German)


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