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Intelligent Indexing: 5 Tips for Field Mapping


Intelligent Indexing replaces tedious indexing work for ultra-rapid document storage. To make the most of this self-learning service, we’ve got 5 tips from DocuWare‘s Support Pros for the best way to set up and assign index fields.



Intelligent Indexing automatically searches for relevant index terms in a document, using categories such as the subject, customer number, amount, or creation date. These categories, in which Intelligent Indexing "thinks," are assigned to the index fields of your file cabinet in a process which is also called mapping. This is tackled within Basket Configuration.

Tip 1: It’s important during mapping to match up certain field types:
• Intelligent Indexing Text Feld --> DocuWare Text Field
• Intelligent Indexing Date Field --> DocuWare Date Field
• Intelligent Indexing Numeric Field --> DocuWare Numeric Field

Tip 2: It’s best to only work with one file cabinet along with one store dialog when using Intelligent Indexing. For baskets used by various users, the appropriate store dialog should be selected within Basket Configuration.

Tip 3: Field mapping must be the same for all baskets, which is then used for storage in a specific file cabinet.

Tip 4: Don’t change the field mapping afterwards. It’s much better if you take your time on the front end, to gather your thoughts and make sure the ideal fields are assigned.

Tip 5: Intelligent Indexing can be used for storing in multiple file cabinets. If the same document type or very similar document types (using similar vocabulary) need to be stored in different file cabinets, please make sure
• that the assigned reference points on the document are not different from each other
• that the mapping within individual mailbox configurations is the same for each store dialog
• that all mapped fields are filled

The field names of the individual file dialogs can be different, but the field types must be the same:

Intelligent Indexing Mapping

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