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Integration: Programming into DocuWare

SDK_Blog_Graphic_neu.pngAre you interested in integrating DocuWare into your own applications to automate tasks and boost your efficiency? Regardless if it’s a program, website or app – it’s easy. And the possibilities for integrating DocuWare’s features are virtually limitless!

With DocuWare SDK, you can do far more than just upload and retrieve documents, much more than change index entries. Here are a few simple examples...

  • Search for documents in multiple file cabinets
  • Set pre-defined stamps
  • Store documents from a basket into a file cabinet
  • Modify multiple index entries with one pass

All of this can be handled via your web application, mobile app or native program – no matter if it’s automatic or interactive, you never have to leave the primary application. Users don’t need to waste time switching between various programs to get a job done.

The standardized REST interface, which DocuWare SDK uses as its foundation, makes all of this possible. It enables integrations with an extremely broad set of programming languages and technologies (.NET, PHP, Java, NodeJS, Ruby, Perl).

In our GitHub Repository, you’ll find code examples to begin programming with DocuWare SDK based on C# und .NET. You’ll also need Visual Studio (download here). We are working on expanding our offerings on GitHub. Please feel free to add your own entry to help us fill the gaps.