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How to make DocuWare a data center for all departments

How to make DocuWare a data center for all departments

To automate processes, you usually need data from multiple departments, but they typically use different software. No problem - DocuWare helps you connect all your information centrally and make it usable for your processes and workflows.  

Your company works with different systems, but you want to bring this data together to automate more processes? DocuWare is here to help you make the most of your data and documents. Let it handle the talking with your CRM, ERP, accounting system or HR software. 

Synchronize CRM master data 

For example, you can compare your company’s master data from your CRM with DocuWare. As a result, the information in all systems involved will always be up-to-date and the correct data will be on hand to improve document searches.  You can easily set this up with the DocuWare iPaaS connector for your Cloud CRM, more on that below.

Keep your accounting data up to date 

DocuWare can notify your accounting system as soon as an invoice is checked and the document status changes to "approved." The accounting system will then synchronize the document status and submit the invoice for payment. This is done through regular automatic notifications between the systems as soon as documents are newly stored in a file cabinet or index data has been changed. Other applications in the company can also be set up to respond to this, to help synchronize data or trigger further actions and workflows. 

You can also integrate your financial accounting system or CRM into workflows via web service and thus exchange data between the systems. Your workflows can be used to create, update or delete information in other applications with a web service. Conversely, you can use data from other programs in your workflows.

Export index data into accounting program

In general, you should look to use the index data from your documents as efficiently as possible for your accounting system. With DocuWare Export, you can adapt the data exactly to the conventions that your system requires for import and processing.

Transfer invoice items with one click

Or the other way around: For your split postings, do you want all invoice items centrally stored in DocuWare? With just one click, Intelligent Indexing can transfer the entire content of an invoice into a specified DocuWare index table. In the split posting process,  individual items are assigned to different cost centers as required, the approval process is completed, and then invoices are posted accordingly.

Connect the HR department directly to DocuWare

Integrate DocuWare to manage employee files and quickly access salary documents, time sheets, vacation and medical leave forms, bonus agreements or general correspondence directly from your HR software. With a DocuWare integration, HR teams never have to leave their main application to search in a HR file cabinet.

Searches can also be configured very efficiently with Smart Connect in just a few steps. Smart Connect makes it possible to display search buttons in the interface of any system. Clicking on the button then delivers exactly the document or documents that belong to a process. For example, you can call up all documents relating to a personnel record number directly from the HR system.

Exchange data and documents with other cloud applications

With DocuWare iPaaS connectors, you can exchange data and documents with over 1000 other cloud applications. For example, you can synchronize posting data: If your invoices are archived in DocuWare and have gone through the invoice verification process in DocuWare, their information is automatically transferred to the ERP or accounting software in the cloud. Or use it to reconcile purchase requisitions. Another handy application is to enter and store application forms by using DocuWare Forms. To maximize the data’s use, it can be automatically transferred to an ERP.

DocuWare interacts with all popular business applications through a high number of integrations to help you centrally manage data and documents.

If you work with DocuWare as an on-premises system, you will need a Workflow Manager or Smart Connect license for some of the functions mentioned.  With DocuWare Cloud, all functions are available without restriction.