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Whether you are new customer or seasoned veteran – the updated support section on DocuWare’s website is the perfect starting point for you when it comes to expanding your knowledge about DocuWare solutions. From beginner tutorials to videos on various application scenarios and their implementation, from a detailed FAQ page to a rich support forum: you’ll find what you need right here.


You chose a DocuWare solution and now it’s ultra-important to us that you can work with it as successfully as possible. That’s why we design the software as user-friendly as possible and offer a wide range of additional information to help you succeed. Our newly restructured support area on is a great point of entry to this knowledge. It’s set up in an intuitive manner: from top to bottom in the menu, the information goes deeper and deeper. Support Menu


Get Started
For DocuWare novices, the tutorial provides a brief overview of DocuWare’s functionality. You may already know it from the web client. Support Tutorial


Learn More
If you’d like to learn more about DocuWare's most typical applications or how to solve certain tasks with document management, please go to this section. Short videos from our extensive video library will show you how to use a variety of DocuWare features.


Deepen Your Knowledge
With interactive e-learning, webinars, training and our extensive Knowledge Center, you’ll become a DocuWare expert. To keep you up-to-date, the DocuWare Product Blog and UserInfo Newsletter are handy tools. To access all this valuable knowledge. Support Knowledge


Get Help
Got a "How To" question? Send them to the DocuWare community or request a call from one of our experts. Answers to technical questions can also be found in the Knowledge Center and FAQ portal. And last but not least, you can also go directly from here to reach the DocuWare Support Team. Support Get Help


Share Ideas
Maybe you have more ideas for DocuWare? Go to the Customer Feedback Forum, where you can inform us about your wishes and ideas for new products and features. The DocuWare Product Management Team regularly looks at new entries. Perhaps your idea will become a key feature of an upcoming version of DocuWare!
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Anything Missing?
Need information about your DocuWare application that you can’t find on the new support web pages? Then please write a short comment to this blog article. We’ll make sure we get back to you as soon as possible!