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DocuWare works like this: New instructions for getting started

DocuWare‘s Knowledge Center provides lots of useful information for DocuWare users. This central platform was recently expanded with over 30 how-to manuals. This new How-to section breaks down information for both beginners and pros.

First Steps for DocuWare Newcomers
For everyone new to DocuWare, there are introductions to the system‘s user interface and the core features of digital document management. Popular topics include:

Know-how for daily work
In addition, more advanced users will find plenty for making the most of their DocuWare system. From an overview of the best DocuWare shortcuts to tips on how to customize the viewer toolbar for maximum efficiency. Take a look – you’ll discover (or rediscover) many practical DocuWare features.  

Exploring DocuWare
Special how-to's in the "Here’s How" section of the Knowledge Center are also aimed specifically at DocuWare Trial users who are testing out a DocuWare sample configuration. Instructions describe how to use this preconfigured entry-level solution and give advice on further customizing it. Great way to quickly and easily explore digital document management!