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DocuWare Direct in Windows Explorer

You probably use Windows Explorer a lot to access documents that are stored locally or within your network. But did you know that you can also use this same method to open and edit documents archived with DocuWare? DocuWare Windows Explorer Client makes it possible! It’s a powerful tool that has a lot to offer …

DocuWare shows up as its own folder in Windows Explorer:



 New documents can be easily dragged into a file cabinet – even entire folder structures can be dragged and dropped into a file cabinet and automatically indexed. More about this in this video about Storing Documents in DocuWare – Intuitively with Windows Explorer Client.

More Features for Windows Explorer with DocuWare

Beyond this, there are many other useful features that the Windows Explorer Client supplies directly within Windows Explorer:

Teamwork with Version Management
Let’s say that you and your colleagues are all working with the same document. When everyone stores their own document version in the file system – just sit back and wait for the chaos to begin! DocuWare ensures that access to documents is controlled, so that only the most current version of a document can be edited. Once edited, DocuWare stores the document as the new version.

Stapling Documents in a Basket
You can use Windows Explorer to access your standard basket. Individual documents can be sorted and stapled together here and then indexed and stored with a single click.

Stamping Documents
In order to stamp documents, open them right from Windows Explorer into the Web Client Viewer. Any features you might have with our regular viewer will be ready to use.


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