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Discontinuation for Data Export Tool

Discontinuation for Data Export Tool

The DocuWare Export module has fully replaced the DocuWare Data Export Tool in terms of functionality and applications. This means that it’s soon time for the support of the Data Export Tool to come to an end. But have no fear – making the switch is easy!

DocuWare Export was launched in the summer of 2021. At that point, the Data Export Tool was no longer sold or further developed. Now starting on 1/1/2023, there will be no more support for it. Our focus is now solely on the modern and more feature-rich DocuWare Export. It makes it even easier for you to transfer index data from DocuWare to third-party systems, for example, to transfer booking data of archived invoices into an accounting program.

What to consider if you are still using the Data Export Tool?

You can continue to use the DocuWare Data Export Tool. However, DocuWare Support will no longer be available starting in 2023 for technical questions, new versions or bug fixes. Therefore, we recommend switching to DocuWare Export, which is much easier to set up – even for customers to handle on their own.

Options for a sidegrade?

DocuWare Cloud

DocuWare Export is available to DocuWare Cloud customers at no additional cost and included as part of the solution’s functionality. You can either switch to/set up DocuWare Export yourself or contact your DocuWare Partner if you need a hand. Direct customers of DocuWare should contact DocuWare Account Management for further advice.

DocuWare On-Premises

If you have a valid maintenance and support contract, sidegrading from the Data Export Tool to DocuWare Export is free of charge. To receive it and have your contract adjusted, please contact your DocuWare Partner or - as a direct customer - DocuWare Account Management. They can also help if you don’t want to make the switch and set up DocuWare Export yourself.

What benefits do you get by switching to DocuWare Export?

More flexibility

DocuWare Export is so flexible that it allows integration into all systems capable of processing files in CSV format. This means DocuWare Export is compatible with almost all accounting and ERP systems.

More robust for the future

DocuWare Export will continue its development path forward. In the near future, XML files will also be able to be exported. DocuWare Export offers you many more application possibilities over time than the Data Export Tool.

More usability

Adjustments and changes to the format can be made more easily with DocuWare Export. DocuWare administrators can configure data export themselves in DocuWare configuration. Existing configurations can be adapted more quickly and new ones created more easily for additional export scenarios.

More security

DocuWare Export is based on the latest technology. Like all other DocuWare Desktop Apps, the tool is regularly updated and therefore always state-of-the-art in terms of security and functionality.