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Customer satisfaction as the ultimate benchmark

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do at DocuWare. We asked Danielle Truscello, Team Lead Customer Success, how exactly this is ensured. What’s in it for our users to stay in touch with our Customer Success team?

Marion Kurtz: Danielle, what are your main tasks in Customer Success? And what’s the difference between you and Customer Support?
Danielle Truscello: In Customer Success we do not provide technical support for the use of DocuWare. Instead, we are exclusively focused on making sure that our customers are satisfied with our software. Our goal is to make each customer's voice heard and respond as needed.

Why is this job so important?
If we really understand how customers work with DocuWare on a daily basis – what ideas, wishes and suggestions they have or how they might be struggling – then we can give them the support they need to use DocuWare successfully in their business. And of course, only a satisfied customer is a loyal customer...

Always a smile for the customer  
CS Team USA 1_400

The US-based Customer Success team …

DSC03755_400… and its EMEA peers

How do you collect that information?
We proactively call our users on a regular basis and listen to their feedback. If they need further support, we guide them to the right department(s) as needed.

How do you measure customer satisfaction?
We ask customers to rate us on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest. And then we ask, “What can we do to improve that score?”.

What happens with customer feedback?
Feedback captured during customer calls is stored in our CRM and then analyzed in detail by us. Product-relevant information is shared with our colleagues from the Product Team, while the satisfaction ratings are made available to the Customer Experience Team. The interview evaluations are also regularly reviewed by our management team to continuously improve our own processes and procedures.

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Danielle Truscello

After studying Psychology and Business Administration at Caldwell University, NJ, Danielle gained her first professional experience as a case manager assistant in the non-profit sector. Following a position in quality control for a large network in the construction sector, she joined DocuWare in 2014. On the Customer Success team, she has been living her passion for helping customers to the fullest ever since, taking over as team lead in April 2022.

To what extent does a customer further benefit from speaking with you?
These conversations are also worthwhile for our customers since we can show them where to find helpful information or let them know about upcoming events like webinars and our annual user conference. In addition, we can help them find the right DocuWare contact if they don't know who to turn to with a question.

Is it possible to contact you as well?
Of course! If you are based in the US, the best way is to send a short mail to Customer Success Americas and we’ll get back to you right away. For all other regions, please contact Customer Success EMEA

With over 15,000 DocuWare customers worldwide, your team must be very busy! How many employees work in this department and where are they located?
That' s right! We currently have 8 Customer Success Specialists on board. One team is based in the US, supporting all English and Spanish speaking countries. Another one is based in Germany, supporting German and French speaking countries.

What qualifications does a Customer Success Specialist need?
Our specialists must have great experience in customer service, be empathetic and be able to listen attentively to our customers. Most importantly, the customer must be able to hear them smile over the phone.

Your favorite DocuWare feature?
That´s a tough one! DocuWare can do so many things and is easy to use. If I had to pick one, it would be Intelligent Indexing. With Intelligent Indexing, unnecessary errors in data entry are avoided and the automatic capturing of data can save a person so much time in their daily work.

Thank you, Danielle, for giving us insight into your work!

The interview was conducted by Marion Kurtz, Product Marketing Manager at DocuWare.


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