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Training to suit everyone: The DocuWare Academy

In these fast-moving times, the key is to keep pace with the latest developments. The DocuWare Academy is a central platform for learning all there is to know about DocuWare. Director Sylvia Ruppenstein talks about the various formats, unique training content, and special challenges of online training in the age of Corona.

Marion Kurtz: Sylvia, what types of training programs are offered through the DocuWare Academy?
Sylvia Ruppenstein:The DocuWare Academy – as our central training platform – has special courses for customers, DocuWare employees, and Authorized DocuWare Partners. It offers a mix of online materials for self-study and classroom training in groups.

What’s the main focus of the training courses for customers?
These trainings always take place in a group setting, because we’ve found that participants do best when they learn from a trainer as well as from each other. In terms of content, they focus on the application or configuration of a DocuWare system. Training sessions include theoretical components, which are then deepened with the help of practical, everyday examples. Afterwards, participants can try their hand at exercises, both individually and in groups.

And what about training programs for Partners?
For the basic certification of our Partners, we distinguish between sales-oriented and technical-oriented training. For both, we rely on a mixture of e-learning and 3-day classroom training. This also applies to annual recertification courses, which are a very important part of what it means to be recognized as a DocuWare Partner. Because Partners must get recertified every year, they are always up to date on the latest developments in DocuWare applications and are therefore a key resource for customers for all sorts of consulting and system support.

Where do the trainings take place?
Due to the pandemic, our trainings are currently offered exclusively online. Under "normal" circumstances, our customer seminars as well as sales-oriented Partner trainings are conducted on site. For the DACH region, these are held at our DocuWare Training Center in Germering near Munich. For participants from France, the UK, Spain and USA, we rent rooms in nearby conference hotels or business centers if we don’t have a training facility in a particular region.

But there are also training courses that are always basically conducted online, even without factoring in Corona, right?
Yes, particularly for our technically oriented software training courses. This curriculum works very well online, especially since everyone needs to "play around" in the system and try out various configuration options. Our customer training, on the other hand, thrives on direct interaction, which works much better in classroom training than online. Which form of training is best suited in each case is therefore highly dependent on the topic and target group. 

Syvlia hoch

Sylvia Ruppenstein

Sylvia Ruppenstein has loads of in-depth experience in the training and sales arena. After working for several years in training and consulting at Siemens with a focus on document management, she moved to sales at DocuWare in 2014. In parallel, she became a trainer for the company's customer and Partner courses. In 2019, she took over management of the DocuWare Academy.

How often do you offer trainings and where can I sign up?
Just send an email to The different trainings are offered several times a year for small groups of up to 10 participants.

How have things changed at the DocuWare Academy because of the pandemic?
The trainings have certainly become more strenuous - for participants and trainers alike. In face-to-face training, a trainer can quickly go over to a participant to answer specific questions. And those informal exchanges during breaks are also very helpful. That's why we've worked hard to restructure the content for our online training sessions, to make up for some of that entertainment value.

Does every DocuWare user need training with you?
No – no extra training is required to use DocuWare! The software offers users built-in support – a tutorial for on-premises systems and interactive tours for cloud systems. Our trainings are really designed for more advanced users, for those who want to learn more about DocuWare's application and configuration options.

As a user, how do I stay up to date on new features or tips & tricks for the general use of DocuWare?
DocuWare offers special, free webinars at least once a month that can be booked on our website. These are recorded and made available afterwards on our YouTube channel. I can also highly recommend our product blog. If you subscribe to our monthly UserInfo and YouTube Channel, you will automatically be informed about the latest product-relevant innovations.

How big is the DocuWare Academy team and what kinds of tasks do you tackle?
The demand for our trainings is constantly increasing in tandem with our sales success. And finding innovative ways to strengthen and support our customers and Partners has always been a top priority at DocuWare. So our team has grown considerably over the past few years. Today, 11 employees take care of a variety of training aspects: from concept development to the creation of e-learnings to the implementation of training courses.

What makes your team stand out?
A diversity of pathways that led us here! From educators and programmers to consultants and account managers, we have a very broad spectrum of professional backgrounds that are represented in our ranks. We are also diverse in terms of age - millenials to baby boomers are here to help.

TrainingCenter TeamA continuous exchange of ideas for the best service: The DocuWare Academy Team

Where do you think the trends are heading in the training arena?
Today's world is very fast-paced and we have less and less time for continuing education. Yet it’s so immensely important in order to remain competitive! The trend is definitely heading towards providing a broad online offering, where people can flexibly schedule their training sessions. But I am still convinced that on-site training will not disappear from the market - there are just far too many people who prefer the more classic training model.

And at DocuWare?
We are also in tune with these developments and are currently planning so-called "nugget trainings" - small, high-caliber learning units that can be consumed regardless of time and place.

Thank you, Sylvia, for giving us insight into your work!

The interview was conducted by Marion Kurtz, Product Marketing Manager at DocuWare.


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