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Cleaning Up Data...Quickly

Organizing in DocuWare is a lot like everywhere else, whether it’s your kitchen, toolbox or desk: once things are cleaned up, it’s a whole lot easier to find what you are looking for. So when a misspelled company name is supplied as as an index term, related documents certainly won’t be easy to find. Making corrections along the way are certainly worthwhile to make...and quickly handled.

When searching for a document, you’ll often come across a select list where a company’s name was entered incorrectly – instead of “Phone Wizard“ you might see there’s a “Phome Wizard“ and “Phone Wirard.“
Search in DocuWare

Don’t just let these errors just lie there because it will make it ever easier for new documents to enter the system with an incorrect spelling and searches to be in vain. It’s better to simply clean things up to help avoid future problems – especially since this is something that can be quickly tackled.

Start by searching for documents using the wrong spelling, so in our example we’ll look for “Phome Wizard.“ For all documents, you can then change the way it’s written in one fell swoop: open the option from the result list and choose “Change index entries for all documents.“

Tidying Up Index Data

In the following step, choose the field containing the incorrect index entry, which is the “Company“ field in this instance. Then pick the correct spelling from the select list and press “Edit.“ Now everything has been updated with the correct index term.

Clean Up Your Data

For our example, we’ll do the same for “Phone Wirard“ – and now everything is cleaned up!

To avoid entry errors and retain consistency, we recommend using the select lists as much as possible when indexing new documents.