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Access Your Archived Email - Right Out of Outlook

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As easy as is to file emails from Outlook into DocuWare, it’s just as easy to access archived email directly from Outlook. A quick search is all it takes...


Let’s say you receive an email from a customer who has a question about a current project. Since your colleagues are also working with the customer, you first want to check to see what information the customer has already received.

With one click, you can view any email sent to him by looking at archived email from across the company. This will give you an immediate overview of the entire correspondence from everyone in your company with the customer.

The practical thing about a quick search: The Result List that is so familiar in DocuWare will also appear directly in Outlook. It is sorted by default so that the most recent mails are displayed at the top.

Here‘s how it's configured:

In Web Client use the menu to open DocuWare Configuration. Click on "Connect to Outlook" and create a new configuration of the type "Quick Search." Give this configuration a name and select the file cabinet in which the desired email are stored.

In addition, you can specify the search criteria for email to be displayed via the quick search. For our example, it could look like this:

  • So that only email is displayed that contains the same contact, the DocuWare index field "Email" should contain the same value as the sender name of the mail, for which you are performing the quick search. To do this, select "Email Property" as the type of search term and the entry "Sender Email Address."
  • To further limit the search to email sent out from your company, add the fixed entry "Mail Out" in the index field with the document type as your second search criterion.

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  • Finally, enter the permissions for the quick search. All users with user rights can then use the quick search in Outlook. With administrator rights, the configuration of the quick search can be edited, but the quick search cannot be executed.

In Outlook, you can call up the quick search via the context menu for an email:

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If you aren’t yet familiar with the Connect to Outlook module for integrating Outlook in DocuWare: For DocuWare Cloud, it is included in every package; for on-premises installations, it is available as an additional module.