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5 Trends for Productive Human Resources Management

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Gaining, integrating and retaining the best talent: to keep up pace with the modern business world, companies need lean HR processes. Here are 5 business trends that bring fresh, dynamic momentum to HR management.

1. Farewell to Paper

The foundation for all modern approaches to personnel management lies in the full transition to digital personnel files and HR processes. With DocuWare, you can manage personal employee documents like applications, pay slips or sick leave records quickly and securely in a digital HR file cabinet. But you can also capture all texts and images for job advertisements and find loads of other ways to help everyone work together more productively.

2. Automated Processes

Digitizing allows you to automate time-consuming routine tasks – really anything that requires the collecting, redistributing, retrieving, and simple manipulation of information. For smooth processes, DocuWare can be integrated into almost any other application. Sort payroll documents or email and attachments into individual HR no time. Score points in job applicants with quick response times thanks to transparent application procedures. Make sure that new employees feel welcome from day one with the help of super-smooth onboarding.

3. Online Forms

Online forms are the modern tool for quickly capturing data and prompting workflows. Vacation or sick leave can be conveniently recorded by employees, which makes absence management on the other end in the HR department extra simple. For up-to-the-minute recruiting, online application forms are the way to go. Data captured online from new employees streamlines the onboarding process.

4. Compliance Management

Careful handling of sensitive information is a top priority in HR departments. Protect HR documents optimally against unauthorized access: thanks to individually definable authorizations, every employee (including the system administrator!) can only see their own salary slip. In addition, retention schedules can be set to preserve or destroy documents according to their compliance requirements. That all makes sure that messages from HR are guaranteed to be read.

5. Maximizing the Cloud

Cloud-based document management and workflows give HR teams full flexibility to streamline their processes and quickly increase productivity. Instead of worrying about servers, implementation and maintenance, DocuWare Cloud lets you quickly and easily access digital personnel files from anywhere and any time. If needed, both storage and the number of users can easily be expanded, while workflows can be adapted on the fly to keep pace with new requirements.



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