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Video Tutorial: Filing Documents While Scanning

Video_Scan_DE_ENEvery day, new invoices, delivery slips, work reports and logs litter your desk. Filing them manually is a waste of time and energy. Especially since everything has to be organized and stored in different categories, so that they can easily be found later. With DocuWare, filing like this happens as if by magic! Documents are carefully indexed and stored in an electronic file cabinet – you never even need to type anything in. Don’t believe it? Have a look at one of our short tutorial videos.


With DocuWare, documents can be automatically indexed and stored during the scanning process. Depending on your needs, DocuWare offers several options. Three of them are discussed in the following short videos.

1. Automatic Indexing with Barcodes  












A lot of paper documents are captured in an IT system. Simply add a barcode to them with a serial/running number before scanning them in. Indexing is then handled by our Autoindex module.


2. The Fast, Easy Way: Your Intelligent Indexing Service










Based on your input, the self-learning Intelligent Indexing Service indexes documents for you.

3. Storing Scanned Documents in DocuWare: Using Smart Index with a Click of Button












If you regularly capture paper documents in an application program, they can be simultaneously organized and stored with a quick click of Smart Index. Index terms will be automatically taken by Smart Index, straight out of the application program.  


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