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Using Documents from DocuWare While Offline


It’s no problem to take documents stored in DocuWare along in a mobile file cabinet. This means, for example, that employees of a repair service can access a customer‘s entire documentation while offline and in settings without a network connection. No DocuWare or special software is required.

To make documents available offline in DocuWare, simply search for the documents that you need  within DocuWare Client and then use the menu command from of the result list: "Export as DocuWare Request":

Export documents from DocuWare as a mobile file cabinet


Or you can start a new Request job directly from the configuration menu:   

Configure a DocuWare Request

With DocuWare Version 7.2, the design of DocuWare Request has been updated to match the other modules in DocuWare Configuration for a uniform look-and-feel.


When configuring Request, you can also define various properties of the mobile file cabinet – such as whether a full text search is needed or whether a workflow history should also be exported.  


View and search documents offline in a DocuWare Request file cabinet

A digital Request file cabinet provides an integrated browser for searching and displaying documents.


The advantages of a digital mobile file cabinet at a glance:

  • No additional software needed to view the stored documents, only a Windows operating system.
  • Access to filed documents possible without an Internet connection.
  • Easy for making your documents available to third parties – like a tax advisor – without needing to configure special guest access.
  • Documents are stored in a file that can be conveniently transferred onto a USB stick.

Individual file cabinets can be created with a DocuWare Cloud license and with all server editions of DocuWare as a locally installed system.