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Travel Expenses Web Form: Just 3 Steps from Request to Reimbursement

It can often take a while between handing in your travel expenses and having them reimbursed. First a request needs to be manually filled out and then handed in along with all receipts to Accounting. There the request and receipts are scanned and stored, before the request is processed and finally the reimbursement check is issued. This whole process is much faster with DocuWare:

1. Receipts scanned en route: with the mobile app PaperScan, hotel bills and taxi receipts can be scanned on the fly.

2. Form filled out electronically: the form can be filled out on any browser. The link to this Web Form is then received by Accounting. The scanned receipts for hotel and taxi are simply attached. As soon as the form has been sent, the entire record will be automatically stored – nothing is ever lost!


3. Task list alert: the transferred form immediately appears in a task list of the bookkeeper. The request can then be processed and authorized on the screen, since it came with all the necessary receipts. In the following screenshot, you can see the links as they appear in the bookkeeper’s (Jenkins) task list. On the right, the form is shown, along with the hotel and taxi receipts:

















Tip: Creating a Web Form
With web forms you truly simplify your forms management and streamline processes like travel expense reimbursement. A web form can quickly be set up in DocuWare Forms. Simply switch to the area called DocuWare Forms found right within DocuWare‘s Configuration. With a new form, you can use an integrated designer to choose fields and label them. You can also add a field for inserting file attachments to your form.


In the following steps, you can add an existing form template (in addition to the store and indexing). Then the filled out form will be stored within the layout of the template. So it’s no problem to incorporate your paper forms in this way.


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