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Reach your goal faster with keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are much like back roads in your own neighborhood: If you know them, you can save yourself a lot of time. With the help of [Ctrl], [Alt], [Shift] et al, you can tackle your work even faster with DocuWare.

Sneaky back roads can save you time – plus they are usually a lot nicer to take than a main road. The same is true for DocuWare: Things can go a lot faster when you skip the mouse.

So give it a try! Find a document, open and send it somewhere – with a few keyboard shortcuts. (Please note, that you might have slight variations in the tips provided below depending on the browser and DocuWare version used.)

Search for a document

  • To get to the "Search" area, which is the second one in the menu bar, use the key combination [Ctrl] + [Shift] + [2].
  • The [Enter] key opens the list of search dialogs. Use the up, down, right and left arrow keys to navigate through the list; [Enter] opens the search dialog.
  • In the search dialog, use [Tab] to move from line to line and enter the search terms there. To go backwards, i.e. from bottom to top, use [Shift] + [Tab].
  • Open the selection list with [Arrow down] and select the desired entry, which is transported into the search line with [Enter].
  • When all search terms have been entered, press [Enter] to display the results list.

Check document

  • In the results list, use the arrow keys to navigate from top to bottom. The active document is highlighted in gray.
  • Not the right document? Press [Escape] to return to the search dialog and enter search terms again.
  • [Enter] opens the marked document in the viewer. The zoom factor can be adjusted for the viewer with [+] and [-].
  • To change an index entry, load the index dialog with [Alt] + [Ctrl] + [I]. Navigation in the index dialog is like in the search dialog. [Tab] jumps from line to line, the down arrow key opens the select list, etc. Press [Enter] to save and close the dialog.

Send document

  • Your document is ready and it’s time to send it somewhere? Press the key combination [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [S]. This will open a message with the original document as attachment in the mail client that‘s set as your default under Windows.

There are very few moves in DocuWare that can‘t be made via keyboard shortcut. A collection of more than 100 shortcuts can be found in the Knowledge Center.