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Only Archiving Email Attachments from Outlook


Email attachments are often the only part of an email that needs safekeeping. They contain receipts, confirmations or other documents that may need to be stored for a long time. Thankfully, there is a simple trick for archiving only the attachment of an email from Outlook straight into DocuWare.

For Outlook users, there is an easy way to store attachments directly in DocuWare without having to archive an entire email:

Open the email in Outlook which has an attachment you want to archive. Right-click on the attachment to open the context menu from which you can choose Store in DocuWare and the desired storage configuration.

Depending on the configuration, the Store dialog opens so that you can enter index data for the attached document. Click OK to import the attachment into DocuWare.

By right-clicking on the attachment, only the attachment will be archived, regardless of any other settings in the configuration used.

This feature is included in DocuWare Cloud. All you need to do is install Connect to Outlook via Client Setup. If you are using DocuWare as an on-premises system, Connect to Outlook is available as an add-on module.