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Now with DocuWare Mobile: Upload documents directly to a file cabinet

You can now share documents, images and files from other apps with your DocuWare file cabinet right on your smartphone. And be sure to take advantage of the second important new feature of the update...

With the update of the DocuWare mobile app, you can have your travel expenses reimbursed event faster than ever before. Snap a picture of your receipts with your smartphone and send them to the DocuWare app using the share function. Receipts can be indexed there before being filed – where you can also take advantage of Intelligent Indexing. Once archived, the workflow for reimbursing travel expenses launches immediately.

Screenshot_EN_Mobile_21With the update to DocuWare Mobile, DocuWare file cabinets can be selected as a storage destination in the sharing function.

It’s also now possible to clip a document from the inbox to an archived document in the mobile app. Here's a real-life example: A construction site manager receives a workflow task on his smartphone for an invoice approval. He opens the invoice in the DocuWare app and compares the items on the invoice with those on the delivery slip he received with the goods at the construction site. Then he takes a picture of the delivery bill, puts it in the mailbox, and attaches it to the invoice as a receipt for goods received. Colleagues in the office see the approved invoice - and benefit from an early payment discount thanks to the quick turnaround.

Use of the mobile app is included in DocuWare Cloud. Users of DocuWare On-Premises need a mobile license. Download the update here:

The DocuWare app is compatible with DocuWare version 7.0 and higher and is available for mobile devices running iOS and Android. For older DocuWare versions 6.xx, the DocuWare Classic app is still available in the stores (for now).  


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