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Making My Own File System


The fastest way to your filed documents is quite simply via Windows: documents stored in DocuWare can be copied, opened, edited and much more – right out of your operating system. To optimize your display, you can set up your file system so that only the most important DocuWare folders and baskets are shown – to best suit the way you work.

As an example, within Windows the following baskets and folder structures are shown:


Let’s say you want to change the following three things:

- You want the default basket (appears with an asterisk) to be seen at the top.

- Since your colleague is on vacation, his basket for new incoming documents and scans should be shown on your Windows.

- The projects “A,“ “B,“ etc., are completed – so they no longer need to appear in the file folder structure.

Begin by using the right mouse key on the DocuWare icon to open the context menu; click on “Adapt View...“






In the new “Adapt View...“ dialog, move the default basket to the top of the list.

As your next step, click on the eye symbol to display your colleague’s basket: “Thomas Rain – New Documents.”
























Now you can hide the four folders for the completed projects within the “Projects” file cabinet.

After storing these changes, switch back to the DocuWare context menu and click on “Restart/Refresh Settings.” Now your changes will be visible in Windows: