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How to Move from DocuWare On-Premise To DocuWare Cloud

DWCloud_AdvantagesDocuWare Cloud already offers the complete functionality of DocuWare Enterprise Content Management. A switch from DocuWare On-Premise to DocuWare Cloud isn’t complicated. And with careful preparations, you can avoid business interruptions or risk.

Using a Cloud solution offers some nice benefits to most businesses. You don’t have to worry about hardware, backups, availability, etc. And there’s no time wasted on maintaining updates of DocuWare software. You’ll always work with the most current DocuWare release, with the newest functionality, without any effort. All the infrastructure work is handled by DocuWare.

Switching to DocuWare Cloud might be simpler than you imagine. Let’s break it down into a few steps.

Step 1 - An inventory of your current on-premise system.This helps to determine the effort and time needed to transfer your configuration and your documents.

Step 2 - Preparing a new DocuWare Cloud system with the file cabinets, processes and any other configuration which you have in your current environment.

Step 3 - The majority of older documents are then transferred to the DocuWare Cloud system and immediately made available.

Step 4 - The most recent documents are transferred. This happens usually outside of working hours so that there is no interruption to your daily business. All of this happens in parallel to your existing environment so that there is no impact on your current system. 

The time needed depends on the complexity of your system and the amount of documents which have to be transferred. Usually this is a matter of only a few weeks. During each phase of the process, we will be working one step ahead, to help you finalize each step successfully.

If you are interested in taking these simple steps, please contact your Authorized DocuWare Partner or DocuWare Professional Services today!

An overview of all the advantages of DocuWare Cloud: