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Here’s How: DocuWare Knowledge Center

knowledge_center_EN.pngThe Knowledge Center provides a wealth of helpful information for DocuWare users. In the section on Release Information, for example, you’ll learn how to benefit most from your DocuWare version. Product news is further reinforced with real-life application cases. But the DocuWare Knowledge Center offers a lot more.

Tips for Working Everyday with DocuWare
When you click on the help icon in a DocuWare module, the related documentation will open automatically in the Knowledge Center. You’ll immediately be able to access tips and information regarding the module you are working with.
Did you know that you can customize it to reflect a specific DocuWare version? Simply click on Options in the menu bar and select your version:












White Papers: Rich Information About Your DocuWare System
Our collection of White Papers regarding system architecture, security, cloud and other topics are specifically designed for more technically proficient users/administrators who work for a customer, sales partner, consulting company or technical media outlet. White Papers are really for anyone who wants to go deep and gather all the facts about a DocuWare system and its adaptability, scalability and performance.

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