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Electronic Signatures for Workflow Documents

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Documents must still be signed in a digital office - just like with conventional paper documents. DocuWare Signature Service lets you conveniently apply advanced and qualified electronic signatures. But this new Web Service offers even more benefits... 

With DocuWare Signature Service, you can integrate an external trust service provider for electronic signatures into a DocuWare workflow. Documents that are in a workflow can then be sent to a trust service provider for signing.

During a specified workflow step, a document is sent to the trust service provider. The employee/person who needs to sign then receives a message. As soon as the document has been signed by the service provider, it is passed along in the DocuWare workflow.

Currently, DocuWare is working with Validated ID. More providers will follow shortly.


  • Depending on the document and application, different security levels are required for the signature. Choose the security level for the signature – simple, advanced, qualified – to best suit your needs.
  • You can store the certificates for a signature centrally at the external service provider so that they can be retrieved at any time.
  • The responsible employee is automatically notified that a document is available for signing.


Separate from DocuWare, a signature certificate must be purchased and a contract entered upon with the Trust Service Provider (currently with Validated ID). The Signature Service itself is included with DocuWare Cloud. Customers with an On-Premises solution need a Workflow Manager license, an ongoing maintenance and support contract, and the new "Electronic Signature Integration" license. The only technical requirement is that Workflow Server has an Internet connection in order to access the Web service.