Electronic Invoice Exchange with China

Electronic Invoice Exchange with ChinaChinese companies do not usually issue invoices themselves. This is done through the country‘s tax authority, which controls the collection process. To navigate how this works, we have a new guide that helps explain which rules apply to electronic invoices in China. It is aimed at all companies that have subsidiary companies in China or do business with Chinese partners.

A free E-Invoicing & Retention in China brochure provides information on the requirements for electronic invoices in China. This covers, among other things, content requirements for invoices, data formatting, questions regarding signatures and authenticity, storage and other retention deadlines.

The Munich-based firm of Peters, Schönberger & Partner (PSP) has written this English-language guide, in cooperation with the Association for Electronic Invoicing. The project was headed by Janneke Speetjens. PSP already provided a handy guide about Electronic Invoicing in the European Union.


Topics: Accounting and Finance


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