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Easily Add Cost Centers to Forms


Easily Add Cost Centers to FormsPurchase order forms always have a field for the cost center, which is used for the payment process. DocuWare provides a useful feature to help you avoid creating endless numbers of columns when setting up your forms.

Cost centers are often set up in the company’s accounting/CRM system. Take advantage of this structure and import the names of your cost centers as a select list right into DocuWare. These cost centers can then be integrated into forms with just a few mouse clicks, for example, if you want to set up one for purchase orders.

In the Designer of DocuWare Forms, insert a drop-down list into the form. Then choose Source: Select list found on the right in field settings.

Select "Source: Select list" on the right in the field settings to insert the list of cost centers.

All of your organization’s select lists are displayed here. Choose the select list containing cost centers. That's it! When completing the form, the user can then quickly choose a cost center from the select list.

Note: In order for the select list to be used for a form field, it must be single column.

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