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DocuWare PaperScan for WhatsApp

Paperscan_WhatsApp.pngFor many of our kids, half their time is spent on WhatsApp and texting – or at least that’s the impression of annoyed parents everywhere. Sound familiar to you too? Or have you made your peace with this situation...and might even be a WhatsApp fan yourself? Sometimes, teenagers might even use WhatsApp for something meaningful. For example, to convey a homework assignment to a sick classmate. This happens to be something that PaperScan can help with, to make sure that all the information is legible and neat. PaperScan is our free scan app for Apple and Android smartphones.

Here's how it works: Launch PaperScan and hold your smartphone over the homework sheet. PaperScan will take a photo, then automatically cut the page to fit in the photo and straighten it. Now it’s just a matter of sending it via WhatsApp to the classmate – they now have a completely legible copy that can be printed in high quality...all with their smartphone.

















 Paperscan_Screenshot2.pngThis works equally well with content from newspapers or books: PaperScan takes a photo, you mark the relevant portion with your fingers, and off it goes via WhatsApp. Or by email, if your youngster is already using it. Or store it in DocuWare. (Which might not be so common for your youngster...yet!)

PaperScan and WhatsApp work extremely well together, since WhatsApp began supporting PDF files and we optimized PaperScan to better serve WhatsApp.

Try it out: with an iPhone Version 5 and higher, Samsung Galaxy S4 and higher and similar high-performance devices, just download the app from the AppStore or PlayStore and go!