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Document management of the future – with AI

DocuWare's acquisition of expandsDocuWare's portfolio

With the recent acquisition of – a start-up for AI technologies – DocuWare has fortified its portfolio with innovations in Intelligent Document Processing. Here are some new features to look forward to...



AI start-up now part of DocuWare

DocuWare continues to advance its vision of efficient and future-proof document management. A milestone in this regard is the acquisition of the company, one of the most innovative start-ups on the German technology scene for artificial intelligence applications for documents. By integrating's AI technologies, DocuWare is adding Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) capabilities to document management. 

"This acquisition enables us to provide our customers worldwide with state-of-the-art AI technology that is essential for the growth and advancement of businesses", said Dr. Michael Berger, President of DocuWare.

DocuWare and natif

Announcing the acquisition at this year's DocuWare Partner Conference in Berlin. From left: Johannes Korves (Co-CEO, Dr. Michael Berger (President DocuWare), Manuel Zapp (CTO

Four application areas for AI technology

In the near future,  AI technology will be used in document capture and expand DocuWare‘s functionality:

•    Document Extraction: Extracts data for automated processing of almost all documents, such as invoices, contracts, HR documents or paper mail. Accurate results even when scanning wrinkled or spilled documents.
•    Handwriting recognition: Detects handwritten text in documents and converts it into editable text.
•    Document separation: Uses visual and textual information to split a batch scan into individual documents instead of barcodes or separator pages.
•    Document categorization: Automatically assigns documents to different document types based on their content, properties, or characteristics.

What's next

More information about the future AI-based functions and their application scenarios as well as the principles for the responsible use of AI at DocuWare will be available soon here on the product blog. The future is here!

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