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Distributing Forms Externally

Distributing FormsWith DocuWare, new forms can be easily distributed throughout a company. Even if individual branch offices or subsidiaries use their own DocuWare organizations, forms can be created centrally and then exported. This means that the same custom forms can be made available to everyone, saving tons of time and retaining consistency. Plus, the form only has to be created once!

An example: the form for capturing personnel data from new employees has been updated with a new design and needs to be made available to all your company‘s branch offices. To make it available to everyone, it‘s exported in DocuWare Forms using the icon in the form overview:

Formulare exportieren

The form has several templates linked for different departments. These are included as well as the form fields in the export.

The branch offices then import the form via the form overview - by clicking the Import icon. In the new dialog, load the form with the ending DWF.


After import, select a file cabinet for the form and specify indexing and permissions.

The exchange of web forms and form templates is available as an option starting with DocuWare version 6.11.