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And the winner is …: Our users favorite webinars in 2020

With our webinars, you're always on the winning team. Find out which topics were particularly popular with our customers in the US last year.

In our webinar series, we feature a different topic every month to update you on DocuWare modules and features. From the central functions of the Web Client to exciting integrations, these webinars have proven to be most relevant to our customer community. In 30 minutes, you’ll find out how to add considerable value to your company’s document management toolkit. We’re excited to recap the most popular webinars of 2020. Watch one – or even better: watch them all!
3 webinars that enable you to boost productivity 
The three webinars that made it onto the winner's podium all make for more productivity in your company. “How to get control over email” explains how to tame an overcrowded, disorganized email inbox. “A beginner’s look at digital forms” covers the lifecycle of an eform from creation, deployment and data capture to workflow integration and storage of the completed form. In our award winning webinar “One-minute workflow for ad-hoc requests,” we show you how to create simple workflows on the fly. Find out how handy these ad hoc workflows can be. 
#3: How to get control over email 


If you’ve ever wasted valuable time searching for information you can only find in an email, this one’s for you. With DocuWare Connect to Outlook and Connect to Mail (for Gmail, Yahoo, or Hotmail), your email inbox is connected directly to DocuWare. So you can save, organize, and search email and attachments without switching back and forth between different applications. 

Attend and learn how to: 
• Store messages and attachments with a mouse click and automatically archive them according to criteria you set
• Treat emails and attachments with the same security, organization and searchability as any other document
• Enhance collaboration by making archived messages and attachments available to authorized team members
#2: A beginner’s look at how effective digital forms simplify data capture and easily route information
This webinar walks you through the process of building and using a DocuWare eform. You’ll find out how to create a workflow that routes electronic forms automatically so your staff can take the next steps as soon as the form is submitted. 
In this webinar you will learn how to:
• Transform paper forms and cumbersome PDFs into user-friendly digital forms using an intuitive design tool 
• Easily share eforms, collect structured data and archive the completed document directly into DocuWare
• Integrate digital forms into a workflow
#1: One-minute workflow for ad-hoc requests

 Learn how to set up workflows quickly with Send Requests, Lists and Stamps. The webinar shows you how simple workflows can be configured to quickly to automate manual tasks in a flash.  
In this webinar you will:
• See how you can route documents for approval using DocuWare’s Send Request feature
• Learn how Lists keep users on track and can be easier to manage than traditional workflows
• See Stamps in action to find out how simple it is to replace manual processes with digital workflows 
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Written by: Joan Honig and Marion Kurtz




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