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DocuWare On-Premises with required HTTPS

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With the planned April 2022 release of DocuWare version 7.6, the DocuWare on-premises edition will require HTTPS.

Support for non-encrypted HTTP will be discontinued.

On the internet, the HTTPS transmission protocol has become the standard for secure communication with websites. HTTPS offers clear advantages compared to insecure communication via HTTP. Data exchange between client and server is not only encrypted, but also protected against manipulation.

Until now, encryption via HTTPS was available as an option in DocuWare on-premises. Beginning with version 7.6, DocuWare will only support encrypted connections. Please make sure that your customers have configured encryption when upgrading to DocuWare version 7.6.

We’ll remind you again about this as we get closer to the launch date, however, existing installations without encryption can today already be switched to HTTPS. For the best way to do this, please refer to the following documentation (available in English only): How To: HTTPS.

Please note: DocuWare Cloud customers are not affected by this change. In DocuWare Cloud, all communication is already handled via encrypted connections.


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