Transform Email into Actionable Information with Automated Email Management


According to research by McKinsey Global Institute, the average knowledge worker spends an estimated 28 percent of the workweek managing email. Searching through a cluttered inbox negatively affects productivity, stealing time and energy that could be put to better use. With automated email management as part of a document management solution, email can be quickly and easily searched for and archived. You can also swiftly route attached documents for reviews and approvals throughout your organization.

It's time to automate if:

  • You have a hard time organizing your emails and following up on email-related tasks in an efficient way
  • You cannot access email history and attachments if a project lead is out of the office, delaying response to customer inquiries
  • You manually send and track important documents, such as invoices, to multiple people for review
  • You spend too much time toggling between your email software, your document management system and third party applications
  • You have no standard method for retrieving relevant email when it is requested by auditors or needed for legal discovery
  • Your inbox is clogged with spam that you delete manually
By using DocuWare’s Connect to Outlook solution, you can securely archive email right from your inbox and kick off digital workflows that route documents automatically to individuals who need to review them. Searching, storing, and routing is fast and convenient because the DocuWare capabilities are right within the Outlook interface.

To learn more about the value of automating email management, Watch the webinar, How to make email management easy and accelerate key processes with a simple integration solution. 

The DocuWare user experiences outlined below show the power and efficiency enabled by digital email management.

Documenting proof of delivery

Jamestown Container Company wanted to easily store digital copies of proof of delivery notices. To accomplish this, the company designated themselves as an additional email recipient of the proof of deliveries that are emailed to customers. This allowed them to automatically index and store the digital proof of delivery notices right into DocuWare. They also integrated DocuWare with their accounting software to quickly retrieve related invoices.

The full digitization of the delivery process streamlined the process within billing departments in multiple facilities and saves time while providing users with high confidence level confidence in the speed and accuracy of document retrieval. This leads to improved customer service to due faster follow up times.

Easy access to invoices

At Bend Park & Recreation District, 90% of invoices are now routed to a monitored AP inbox. Frequently recurring invoices are then automatically stored in DocuWare using Intelligent Indexing which uses artificial intelligence to remember index information related to each vendor. Once indexing is complete, a workflow automatically sends the invoices to managers at different offices for review.

For example, one business manager was able to pull expense data on phone bills within five minutes; historically, this would have taken hours. DocuWare allows BPRD to put intuitive search tools in the hands of users; the managers don’t need to call the AP department every time they need to look at an invoice which in turn saves everyone time to work and focus on other projects.

Learn more about how digital email management transforms email from a communication roadblock into an accessible information asset. View the webinar, How to make email management easy and accelerate key processes with a simple integration solution. 

Joan HeadshotJoan Honig is Marketing Content Manager at DocuWare.