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Case Study: Service Provider

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A marine vessel brokerage company, Marcon International, Inc., uses DocuWare to maintain an extensive document portfolio on 17,000 vessels and barges worldwide.

Data is critical for business 

Marcon specializes in transportation vessels including tugboats, barges, crew and supply vessels as well as ocean towing and smaller passenger ferries. Since 1981, Marcon has been providing valuation and consultation services to parties interested in buying, selling, chartering or leasing vessels or fleets. With vessels and owners often located in different geographical areas, clients rely on Marcon to keep a full vessel dossier at their fingertips. The company averages 40 sales a year, totaling 1,508 sales since it was founded. “Our business is data,” says Pat Hernandez, Chief Operating Officer. We do a lot of matching up and our clients range from single persons running a single vessel to some of the largest marine companies in the world.”  


Upgrading to DocuWare   

A small business with a total of 10 employees, Marcon maintains a vast amount of information about vessels worldwide. Although only about 3,000 vessels are available for rental or sales at a given point, Marcon actively tracks about 17,000 vessels and barges. Marcon also retains information about 26,000 archived records on vessels that have gone off the grid. The company maintains a customer database of over 12,000 records and has three people dedicated to adding, updating and achieving this information. 


Due to the volume of information, Marcon always used an electronic data management system, which was a precursor of DocuWare. In 2017, the company installed DocuWare with the help of an assigned representative, responsible for coordination and training. Currently DocuWare stores about 790,000 records, including a variety of document types, from engineering drawings to photos to legal documents. “We have 13 different document types,” explains Hernandez. “We store as much info as we can about a vessel—specs, articles on companies and vessels, photos, drawings, surveys, government certifications, and classification documents.”  

Service Provider

We store as much information as we can about a vessel—specs, articles on companies and vessels, photos, drawings, surveys, government certifications and classification documents. DocuWare is one of our primary systems—we use it for data storage and retrieval to support sales and marketing.

Pat Hernandez
Chief Operating Officer

Integrating with Outlook  

Marcon integrated Outlook with DocuWare to make storing emails and attachments easier. The integrations allows Marcon to customize the storage dialogue and automatically capture up to 50 percent of the fields that have to be indexed for information search and retrieval. “One of the best feature of DocuWare is connect to Outlook,” says Hernandez. ”It made emails and attachments easier for us to store.” On an average week, Marcon processes and captures about 300 documents, and on some occasions up to 1000 documents.  


Easy indexing and searching 

DocuWare improved document indexing and searching. Employees can simply drag and drop a file from the Desktop into DocuWare, where it gets indexed. Index settings can be saved and applied to a group of documents—for example employees can index a group of photos at once. Another convenient feature is a full text search. “We can search by keywords or a company name,” Hernandez says. DocuWare also allows viewing photo thumbnails—a handy feature when a vessel has 200 pictures, Hernandez points out. “DocuWare is one of our primary systems,” she says. “We use it for data storage and retrieval to support sales and marketing.

One of the best DocuWare features is Connect to Outlook. It made emails and attachments easier for us to store.

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