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Transferring Windows File Names for Indexing


Blogartikel_Windows_Dateinamen_EN.pngThe name of a Windows file often contain information that’s ideal for indexing. We’ll show you how to transfer a file name into a "File Name" field and integrate it in search dialogs and result lists – in three easy steps.

If you’d like to use the name of a file created in Windows as part of your indexing, here’s what you do:

1. Create a copy of your Store Dialog. This can be done in DocuWare Configuration or in DocuWare Administration.
From the original Store Dialog, delete the field in which the file name should be stored. Users will therefore not see this field during the storage process.

2. Set up an Import Configuration, which uses the copy you made of the Store Dialog and can be used to store from out of a basket. For the field that will be filled with the file name, you will then use the indexing feature found in Import Configuration.

3. Then set up an import job which monitors a folder and then places the files with the previously set up Import Configuration in the basket.

With the Import Configuration, the file name is written into the field during import. This remains even if the field does not exist in the Store Dialog. Users will see an empty Store Dialog now when storing. If users need the file name to identify which document it is, they can check the original file name in the viewer down below.

Thank you to Fabian Bauer, whose original question led to this tip. If you also have ideas or questions for us, please post them in our Customer Feedback Forum.