DocuWare Cloud Grows with You

DocuWare Cloud Grows with YouBusiness success brings growth. And along with additional revenue, head count, and employee skill set – a company’s IT must also grow. With DocuWare Cloud, this is handled virtually by itself. So you can instead focus on far more important matters.

For decades, on-premises was the standard for introducing new business technologies. From the beginning, companies installed all their applications within their own four walls and were always very busy making sure they acquired the right hardware to run the latest business software. They were accustomed to investing a lot of time and money into maintenance, migrations, integration or monitoring of these systems. Quick decisions often meant headaches for allotting these resources - flexibility was hardly possible.

The cloud solves many of these problems and changes the entire workday. Users now work together on a wide range of devices from anywhere – all they need is Internet access.

Subscriptions Instead of Your Own Data Center

Another bonus: the expensive acquisition of hardware is replaced by easy to anticipate liquidity-saving operational costs. No longer is it necessary for everyone to basically manage their own data centers. Instead, companies prefer a more simple investment in lightweight subscriptions, which also happens to guarantee scalability to accommodate growth.

In this way, the right cloud services can be put together for every business, regardless of their size or level of development. A cloud system is quick to configure. Upgrades and patches are automatically imported. The provider takes care of all data security and certifications.

DocuWare Cloud – Custom Fit

You only pay for what you really need. DocuWare Cloud offers the right solution for every company size. Packages are tailor-made and expandable according to a company’s specific needs. Users and storage space can be added at any time.

You can also switch from one package to another – for example, from DocuWare Cloud Professional to DocuWare Cloud Enterprise. A customer decides what works best and full functionality is provided at all times.

This flexibility allows decisionmakers and departments to be more productive and innovative than ever, to focus on their truly important processes. A cloud system grows as needed – and the specialists at DocuWare take care of everything along the way.

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