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5 hot tips for a cool summer vacation

So that you can relax and enjoy your vacation to the max, good preparation goes a long way. Here are some tips to help get you going: 

Finally! It’s summer vacation time, a moment to breathe deeply and recharge your battery. Knowing that important customers or projects are in good hands in your absence really helps with the relaxing. And makes ensure your bliss isn’t interrupted by questions! So, what are some good ways to prepare for this time way? Here are a couple of tips toto help you get started on your vacation:

Tip #1: Delegate time-critical tasks, delay non-critical ones

Take a moment to consider which tasks you absolutely need to do before you leave. Anything that’s due for processing during your absence will be handed over to an assigned replacement. But maybe some due dates can be pushed back, so that you don’t have to burden your backup unnecessarily.

Tip #2: Start early with the “holiday handover”

Inform your vacation replacement in good time about everything that’s coming on your task list. A written hand-over document, also discussed well ahead of time, ensures that nothing is forgotten and acts as a good reference point afterwards.

Pro tip: Store this hand-over document in DocuWare, so that it can be called up at any time by any of your authorized colleagues. Read more on how to send a link to a document.

Also remember to issue or document any necessary powers of attorney, access rights or passwords and determine in which cases your backup can reach you if (absolutely) necessary.

Tip #3: Inform customers and colleagues

So that your customers and other colleagues aren’t caught off guard, let them know 14 days in advance about your vacation plans. Include your replacement in this communication - with all the necessary contact details. 

Tip #4: Create some extra buffer for your return

Give yourself a moment to play catch-up by officially scheduling your return for a day later. Then you’ll have a day to check your emails in peace, have your replacement update you, and work through the most critical tasks that may have been left behind. If you find hundreds of emails on the first day back in the office and they need to be juggled with lots of meetings, your vacation glow will quickly fade.

Tip #5: Change voicemail, set up out-of-office assistant

On your last day before vacation, redirect your office phone or company mobile phone to your replacement so that your calls don’t end up in a black hole. Remember to set up your out-of-office notice for your email and any messaging services used. It’s best to include info about who will be covering for you and when you can again be reached in person. To be on the safe side, you can also set up automatic email forwarding that go right to your replacement.

Done! Wishing you a very relaxing vacation!


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