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"Throttling" on cloud systems

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Cloud systems are often overloaded by "not cleanly programmed" platform apps. This can sometimes cause performance issues in a customer’s cloud organization.

Like many other cloud providers, in the future we will deliberately slow down such platform apps to avoid these negative effects. This will have no effect on users who work with the corresponding customer organization in the Web Client, for example.

Since the beginning of 2021, the API Uri "FileCabinets" is throttled if the number of requests per minute is too high. More detailed information can be found in this KBA.

From the same date, this should also have happened with the API Uri requests "Account/Logon"; unfortunately, this did not work properly due to a bug in the DocuWare throttling engine.

Since DocuWare version 7.5, a new service is now used for the authentication process and as of April 6, 2022, both types of logins (old and new) are now throttled if there is too high a load by a customer. More detailed information can be found in the same KBA.

If your tools need a boost to handle this issue, get some advice here..

DocuWare Support will contact the Partners in the coming days, whose customers are widely affected by this change.

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