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Support knowledge: home office with DocuWare

The current situation is turning the world of work upside down for many companies: home office and general remote access to the company network are more important than ever. These tips will help you to implement using a DocuWare On-Premises system.

We at DocuWare have been working for a long time together with our Partners to make all of this possible for our customers. With both our Cloud and on-premises solutions, it is possible to control core processes from any location.

In the past few days, the DocuWare Support has seen an increased number of inquiries about how remote access to DocuWare is possible. We always try to provide prompt and individual answers to these requests – but the best place to look first are our online sources. They are a great place to find answers to these (and many other) topics. Here are some key articles you can find in these resources:

White Paper Architecture

DocuWare Version 7.2 (PDF):

You are working with an earlier DocuWare version? Here are the corresponding architecture white papers:

DocuWare 7.1 | DocuWare 7 | DocuWare 6.12


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