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Scanning directly into a DocuWare file cabinet with a copier

Scannen_KopiererDE_ENWant to free yourself from stacks of paper and walls filled with file cabinets? Then look no further than your copier – your friend and ally in this endeavor. A copier‘s scanning features let you convert paper into digital documents and automatically store them in DocuWare. That’s how a hotel bill, for example, can land in the electronic basket of the accounting department. And while scanning, you can immediatley pluck out index criteria, such as when you are importing invoices right out of your ERP into your DocuWare archive. 

DocuWare offers you several ways to automatically save documents in an electronic file cabinet or basket while scanning. For example, if you are using a desktop copier with scanning capabilities to capture incoming A/P invoices, then you can use DocuWare to automatically import these documents into a file cabinet or into the basket of the employee who needs to see them next.
If you are scanning many documents with a multi-function printer (MFP) which is used centrally in your department or your home, then it’s best to use DocuWare Import. You then scan the documents into a folder which is monitored by DocuWare, which will then move them for storage/indexing into a file cabinet or basket.
DocuWare also offers its own connector modules for various multi-function devices. This software is available directly on each specific device and offers the most seamless integration of the MFP and DocuWare.  Index data can be delivered immediately as metadata with the same XML format.
See our ProductInfo for more about scanning with DocuWare.